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Retinal Disease and Treatment Options in Bangor

The retina is the light-sensitive tissue on the back interior of the eye. This tissue is responsible for turning the light let in by the cornea into signals for the brain. This allows us to see the images in front of us. A healthy retina is essential for good vision. Unfortunately, there are many different diseases that can affect the retina and endanger vision.

The Retina

At Vision Care of Maine, we treat several common and less common diseases that affect the retina. Some of these include:

Our doctors and staff at Vision Care of Maine understand that a diagnosis of a retinal disease can be hard to hear, but rest easy knowing that you receiving the best care in the area. Our highly trained and experienced doctors are here to provide the best treatments with compassionate care.

If you have been diagnosed with a retinal disease and you are looking for the treatment best for you, call Vision Care of Maine today to set up your appointment!

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