primary eye care

About Us

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We are a team of doctors, nurses, ophthalmic technicians, surgical assistants, opticians, facilities engineers, IT professionals, schedulers, patient service representatives and people from your community who are dedicated to making sure you get the best medical and surgical eye care available anywhere. Our goal is to ensure that no matter what type of eye care you need you get the best result possible. We are guided by asking ourselves whether the care we are offering would be what we would want for our parents, brothers and sisters, or children.

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Our practice has been dedicated to serving the people of Northern Maine for more than 40 years. Our ophthalmologists, optometrists and opticians have the education, training and experience required to take care of the most complex eye diseases with compassion. We are prepared to meet all of your vision care needs from glasses to contacts to surgery for cataracts, retina disease and cornea disease and glaucoma.

We invite you to schedule a comprehensive eye examination so that we can learn how to best care for your vision health.

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