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Is My Blurry Vision Due To Dry Eye Syndrome?

March 25th, 2024

Dry eye syndrome is a condition that affects millions of people every year. But, most people who have it likely don’t know they have an eye condition. Having dry eyes is very common, especially during certain times of the year. That makes it difficult to differentiate between seasonal or allergy-related dry eyes and dry eye… Read More

Why Reviews are Essential When Choosing the Best Cataract Surgeon in Bangor

September 16th, 2022

Before online reviews, word-of-mouth was the most trusted way to find the best doctors. Today, with many websites offering opinions, you may look at online reviews to choose a cataract surgeon.  Keep reading to learn why reviews are essential when choosing the best cataract surgeon in Bangor! How to Choose the Best Cataract Surgeon There… Read More

Do Premium IOLs Make a Difference?

August 16th, 2022

Your sight is irreplaceable, and every dollar you spend is an investment in your future. If you’re considering a premium IOL and wonder if they’re worth the out-of-pocket expense, here’s why an investment in your vision pays you back many times over. Keep reading to learn if premium IOLs make a difference! The Basic Lens… Read More

How Do You Pay For LASIK?

July 19th, 2022

Although there is no question that LASIK is an investment, it can still be affordable. To accomplish affordability, you can take a three-step approach: trim unnecessary expenses from your budget, explore ways to make a little extra money, and set up a monthly payment plan.  Through this, by this time next year, you’ll be seeing… Read More

Do You Have Diabetes? Be Sure To See Your Eye Doctor

June 13th, 2022

Living a full and healthy life with diabetes takes extra care and attention. While focusing on diet and medication, don’t overlook your eyesight.  Diabetes complications can threaten your eye health and your vision. If left untreated, these complications can lead to blindness.  The first line of defense is managing your blood sugar. Even if you… Read More

What Are The Most Common Symptoms Of Cataracts?  

May 9th, 2022

Cataracts are one of the most common causes of blurry vision for those over the age of forty, but they are also treatable. While only your eye doctor can truly diagnose whether you have a cataract, there are some common symptoms that you should be aware of. Keep reading to learn the most common symptoms… Read More

Have a Great Summer by Getting LASIK Now!   

April 13th, 2022

Imagine seeing clearly without needing your eyeglasses or contact lenses. Now imagine you can do so while enjoying all of your favorite warm-weather activities this summer.  If you’ve ever thought about what it might be like to be free from glasses or contacts, then this might be the ideal time to go for it. Keep… Read More

How to Prevent Dry Eye This Spring

March 10th, 2022

Winter is almost over, and soon it will be spring! Before you know it, grass, plants, and beautiful flowers will be coming back to life.  All this new life comes with pollen that causes seasonal allergies in many people. Do your eyes feel irritated during pollen season?  Keep reading to learn some tips on how… Read More

What Causes Glaucoma?

February 23rd, 2022

Glaucoma is an eye condition caused by high pressure inside the eye. It is often referred to as the “silent thief of sight” because the vision changes in the early stages of glaucoma are not usually very noticeable.  When the eye pressure is too high inside the eye, it can lead to damage of the… Read More

Is Winter a Good Time to Get LASIK?

January 25th, 2022

Would you like to achieve visual freedom by no longer needing to depend on glasses and contact lenses to see? If you’re a good candidate, LASIK is worth considering!  While there’s no best time to get LASIK, now may be the time for you. When you should have LASIK depends on your own needs.  Correcting… Read More

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