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How Often Should I Buy New Glasses?

Man staring into camera with new glasses.

It can be tricky to know when exactly it’s time to let go of our old glasses and move on to the next pair. It may even seem like your prescription hasn’t changed, but it’s likely that it has.

Sometimes it happens subtly, but it makes a difference when you’re trying to see the world around you. This highlights the importance of frequent visits to the eye doctor.

This prevents eye diseases and conditions, and keeps your prescription up to date. You can schedule an annual appointment with Vision Care of Maine in Bangor.

In general, you can expect to have to update your prescription every 1 to 3 years. Keep reading to learn about some of the factors that go into a changing prescription!

When Your Prescription Becomes Out of Date

Wearing a prescription that is not right for you can cause some unexpected side effects. You may begin to see double or notice that taking your glasses off feels better than having them on.

Frequent squinting is also a telltale sign that it is time to update your prescription. Wearing glasses that are the wrong prescription can cause headaches and eye pain.

During a routine eye examination, your eye doctor tests your visual acuity. This allows them to narrow down what your exact prescription is using various tests.

As you get older, you will need to visit the eye doctor on a more regular basis. Your vision starts declining once you’re 40 years old and only gets worse with age.

When Your Glasses Get Damaged

Sometimes getting new glasses isn’t about a change in prescription. It can also be because you damaged your glasses. It seems impossible, but it’s far too easy to get accustomed to damaged glasses.

Since your glasses sit on your face daily, it’s also easy to damage your glasses. They can get dinged, scratched, or even cracked!

What this means for your eyes is you may end up with blurry vision. Yes, even if you had anti-scratch coating on your lenses, it eventually wears down. Glasses are resilient, but they always need replacing every few years.

When There are Better Options Available

The neat thing about technology is that is always improving and evolving. If your prescription is up to date and your glasses are in good shape, you may not need new glasses. But what about having extra glasses?

For the fashion forward, having a few pairs of glasses to choose from is a must! Consider custom glasses that are unique only to you.

You could even have a pair of glasses made for your line of work. Or you could decide that glasses are a temporary fix to your vision problems.

Want a permanent one? You owe it to yourself to find out if you’re a LASIK candidate! Vision Care of Maine offers LASIK to patients that qualify as candidates. The only way to find out is to have a LASIK consultation.

Stop making excuses and find out if LASIK could be right for you! Schedule a LASIK consultation with Vision Care of Maine in Bangor, ME today!

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