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4 Ways to Prepare for Cataract Surgery

December 22nd, 2017

cataract surgery | Bangor, Maine

Cataracts are a normal part of the aging process but living with them can seriously impact your daily life. Many people try to manage the symptoms on their own only to realize that it isn’t working and that they need to have cataract surgery.

If you are preparing to have cataract surgery, you probably feel a mixture of emotions and that’s completely normal. Here are four ways you can begin preparing for cataract surgery:


  • Schedule a consultation with your doctor


The first step to preparing for cataract surgery is to schedule a consultation with your doctor. You can describe the symptoms you have been experiencing and the treatments methods you have used thus far.

Your doctor can examine your eyes, look at your health history, and help you determine whether or not cataract surgery is the right choice.


  • Learn what happens during the surgery


Cataract surgery is very safe but most people still feel nervous going into it. It’s hard to know what to expect if you have never been through it before.

You may find it helpful to talk to someone else who has already been through cataract surgery. They can explain what their experience was like for them and answer your questions.

You will most likely feel more comfortable heading into surgery if you have some idea about what is going to happen.


  • Arrange for transportation home after the surgery


The surgery is short and fairly painless and you will be able to go home that same day. However, you won’t be able to drive so you’ll want to arrange to have a friend or family member drive you home after it is over.


  • Prepare to take some time off


Most people find the recovery from cataract surgery to be fairly short but you may find that your eyes are sensitive in the first few days. You should plan to take some time off work and to take a break from your regular activities. That way your eyes will get the time they need to recover and heal after surgery.

To learn more about cataract surgery, schedule an appointment with one of our doctors today!

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