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Do Premium IOLs Make a Difference?

August 16th, 2022

Your sight is irreplaceable, and every dollar you spend is an investment in your future. If you’re considering a premium IOL and wonder if they’re worth the out-of-pocket expense, here’s why an investment in your vision pays you back many times over.

Keep reading to learn if premium IOLs make a difference!

The Basic Lens

Typically, insurance covers the cost of a standard, single-vision IOL or intraocular lens. These standard lenses are implanted after your cataract surgeon removes the cloudy natural lens of your eye, where the cataract is.

If you choose a standard IOL, you will continue to require prescription glasses and contact lenses to perform your every day activities. If you’re used to the routine, the expense, and it doesn’t bother you, premium IOLs may not be necessary for you. 

A Life-Changing Choice

However, through a premium lens, you will be able to experience true vision correction and significantly reduce your reliance on glasses and contacts. Since you’re having cataract surgery, why not choose the life-changing choice?

If you’re nearsighted, you can have a premium IOL that allows you distant and intermediate vision, even functional close vision. If you’ve started wearing glasses because of presbyopia, you’ve likely experienced blurry vision when doing close work such as reading or typing on a computer. 

A premium IOL can restore your near vision and provide you with crisp distance vision. If you have astigmatism, a premium IOL can also correct that.

Maintaining an Active Lifestyle

And as you age, you want to do everything possible to maintain freedom and independence. If you’ve been active all your life and plan on staying active well into your later decades, freedom from glasses and contacts means one less thing you have to worry about.

A premium IOL can improve upon the vision you were born with. If you’ve been nearsighted all your life and recently have had to switch between distance glasses and reading glasses, this is your chance to experience clear vision all around.

Play Without Limits 

Imagine golfing without glasses. You’ll never wipe away beads of perspiration from the lenses, especially near the bridge of your nose. 

After cataract surgery with a premium lens, there will be no stray raindrop splatters on your glasses. You’ll be able to wear the sunglasses you like and who knows how your game will improve.

If you play tennis, what a difference premium IOLs will make. You can lunge for that ball, serve with greater confidence, and never worry about knocking your glasses off your face or having sweat drip into your contacts.

Swimmers will benefit most of all. Whether you’re a recreational or lap swimmer, or Aqua Zumba fan, you’ll see clearly every moment you’re in the water. 

Benefits at a Glance

With a premium multifocal IOL, you’ll enjoy functional near, intermediate, and distance vision with no gaps in your vision. Multifocal lenses can also help those with astigmatism enjoy improved vision. 

Many who choose premium IOLs can significantly reduce glasses dependency after the procedure. 

No regrets

Cataract surgery will restore your sight and improve your life. So why settle for a replacement lens that’s adequate when you can have an IOL that is specifically tailored to your lifestyle and your needs? 

Yes, a premium IOL is an additional out-of-pocket expense. But it’s an expenditure you won’t regret.

Do you want to learn more about premium IOLs? Schedule an appointment at Vision Care of Maine in Bangor, ME, today!

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